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Main room

The main room is a modern 100sq.m. area, where we can fit 70 guests to the table. It is very spacious so there will definitely be enough space for dancing and entertainment. In the main room you will find all necessary accessories to connect any additional audio and lights equipment. We do understand that it is very important to keep the right microclimate to ensure everyone feels comfortable, in this case the main room can be heated or air conditioned depending on outside temperature.


All your photographs during your visit will look amazing, as we offer custom decorations so you would not need to worry about anything. White chair covers can be accomplished with silk bows in the colour of your choice. Real flowers and a wedding flower arch will give that colourful and romantic atmosphere. If flowers will not be enough, we simply can decorate tables with tall candles and fire up a fireplace in the main room. So whatever your wishes are, we will do our best to meet them.


As we all know, food is source of energy, so it is important to serve quality food. Every meal will be prepared according to your needs. And it does not matter if it will be one or three main courses, as the food will be served just on the right time according to your celebration’s timetable. So all you need to bring is an appetite and a good mood.


For you and your guests to have a best rest there are 13 bedrooms with 60 sleeping spaces. Facilities also include 2 showers, a bathroom and 4 toilets.


To fulfil your celebration, we can arrange musicians, a host and dancers who will keep you entertained. As well as, advice on where to get your perfect wedding cake from.

Amber dust ceremony

As a tradition, people tend to burn amber dust while saying all their wishes to others. We provide you with everything you need – fire pit and amber dust. The best experience can be achieved if the ceremony takes place after sun goes down.


There is nothing better than high quality sauna time. It does not matter what the weather is like outside – spacious wooden fire sauna will leave you simply impressed.

Chill out shelter

Outside next to the outdoor pool there is a chill out shelter, where guests can hide away from the rain or sunlight, or just to sit down and take a bit of rest.